5 Gigantic Advantages of Orchids Care Tips

Orchid flowers are one of the many flowers on earth. There are many orchid types of flowers a person can choose from. Before getting into details on the different kinds of orchid flowers, let us kick off our discussion with orchids care.

Most people think that orchids can only be found in equatorial tropics. That’s not the case; different types of orchids require different growing conditions. It is easier for a person to find an orchid that best suits his/her location. Most people think it is difficult to grow an orchid. On the contrary, it is easy than most of you think. It simply requires the use of certain specialized requirements.

What is orchids care and what purpose does it serve?

It is normal to find people researching on tips on how to grow and maintain orchid plants. These tips and guidelines are referred to as orchids care. Orchids care provides proper details on how to grow orchids until they become healthy and bloom flowers. It helps people understand the various conditions to make the selected orchid perfectly grow. These guidelines range from water, fertilizer, temperature and soil among others. There have many cases where people grow orchid plants and they wither along the way.

Advantages of orchids care

Some popular advantages associated with orchids care:

  • It gives specific requirements needed to grow the different types of orchids. As we all know, there are different types of orchids.
  • Orchids care outlines how soil needs to be prepared before planting any orchid plant. This ranges from ploughing, checking the soil’s PH level and covering the bud among others.
  • It gives an insight details on how long orchids plants take before they bloom. It also talks about what happens to orchid plants at certain seasons.
  • It explains to people on how to take care of orchid plants to make them bloom better.
  • Help people avoid water usage when watering these kind of plants

Difficult things about orchids care

Some people find it difficult to differentiate the types of orchids that are suitable for their environment. As a result, some people might end up growing wrong types of orchids.Secondly; not everyone will understand what needs to be done.Thirdly; not everyone will be able to meet all the requirements needed to grow a specific type of orchid.

Orchid fertilizer

It has been practically proven orchids are one of the few plants that require little fertilizer. It is harmful to feed any orchid plant with too much fertilizer. As a result, orchid fertilizer has been developed to help feed these plants with the right amount of fertilizer to enable them bloom brilliant flowers. Orchid fertilizer contains guidelines on the amount of fertilizer to use.

Orchid types

anguloa virginalisAs earlier stated, there are different orchid types across the globes. They grow depending on the environment and surroundings. There are those that can be grown at homes, whereas there are those that need to be grown on gardens. Here are a few types of orchids:

Anguloa, the tulip Orchid

As the name suggests, anguloa flowers are tulip shaped. These flowers are in shades of green, red, white and yellow. This plant is suitable for growth in areas with cool or intermediate temperatures. They require a lot of light and humidity to maintain a perfect growth rate.

Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium is one of the orchids that can be grown at home. Its flowers mostly used to decorate houses and tables. Dendrobium flowers have a pleasant smell, especially if they are fresh. That’s not all; these flowers come in many colors. This gives people a wide range of choice to choose from. These colors range from pink, white, yellow, purple and green among others. This plant requires a place with a warm environment. Dendrobium orchid looses most of its leaves in cold places or season.

lady slipper orchid for saleSlippers orchids

Most people love the lady slippers orchid because of its strange look. It is very unique and its flowers have a pouch shaped lips. Slippers orchids are mostly terrestrial. As a result; it is suitable for beginners as it is difficult to grow and maintain.

Boat orchids

Boat orchid is a common type of orchid in that it has been used for a long time in poetry and drawings. This plant is still popular because of its flowers. Its flowers are big and long lasting. Boat’s flowers range in color. They can be a mixture of either of the following colors; pink, red, peach or yellow among others.

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Lotus flowers meanings

Lotus flowers meanings can take on a devout meaning of ascension, enlightenment, or rebirth.

Flowers and herbs have been held in high regard for thousands of years, when people first began associating flowers with symbols. Many blossom, meanings originated from their individual traits. For instance, the lotus, which grows alongside the muddy waters of the Nile, may lie dormant for many years during droughts, only to blossom yet again at the first hint of rain. Ancient Egyptians came to view the lotus as symbolizing resurrection along with eternal life, and used it in burial ceremony rituals.

In spite of the fact cultures have their own understandings of this day-to-day process, there is a general consensus amongst ancient texts that it implies religious enlightenment and rebirth. The lotus astonished people with its power to dip into the grime and revive itself unscathed-an extraordinary daily sequence of life, death, and a unexpected immaculate rebirth that can truly be viewed as spiritual. It’s no wonder the lotus is associated to such heavenly symbolism-the blossom, simply defies reason.

The lotus represented something unearthly and enlightening for Eastern civilizations, which is why the blossom, is often seen together with heavenly figures. In Buddhist and Egyptian culture, the flower, represented the heavens. In Hindu society, it is stated that gods along with goddesses sat on lotus thrones. And according to Buddhist belief, the Buddha appeared atop a floating lotus, and his first footsteps on Earth left lotus flowers.

Here are a couple of beautiful simple lotus tattoos you could ink up with.

In Indian mythology, the blossom lotus has been spoken of and regarded very high, and is referred to as Padma. This blossom has a extraordinary touch for the devotees of Hinduism in the nation and typically connected to deities too – Brahma along with Vishnu alike. Simple lotus tattoos as shown below symbolize the wholesomeness and theology of an person’s state of mind – furthermore you may say it is a representation of spiritual awakening.

lotus flowerWhen we speak of the lotus tattoo meanings, we also must remember the teachings of Buddhism. Much like Hinduism, Buddhism too has a strong link with the blossom, and it is a lot more complex in nature than what Hinduism talks about. Lotus is revered to have many layers when combined as one, creates a complexity of imagery, spiritual depth and more. In Buddhism, lotus as a blossom, denotes our bodies, the mind as well as the spirit or the soul, as well as the wholesomeness of all three as well.

lotus flower meaningIn the Asian religions and cultures, especially, in Buddhism as well as Hinduism, lotus is the embodiment of excellence. It defines the abilities of the soul to produce and accept the beauty of life with a clear mind. The lotus-flower, sheds its seeds and blooms at the same time.

The American lotus blossom, (Nelumbo lutea), also termed as the yellow lotus, grows within the still waters of rivers or ponds all over the Us as well as in areas of Canada. Each day throughout the blossom season, the yellow-white flowers open early in the day and shut in the afternoon. Yellow lotus leaves are green, saucer-shaped and often more than 1 foot across plus the American lotus can grow 3 to 6 feet in height. The flower, petals open to reveal a big, yellow, flat-topped seed pod which looks somewhat similar to a drain plug.

lotus flowersThe color of the Lotus flower, can certainly influences it’s own general meaning as well. The white lotus blossom, and pink lotus flower, from the Nelumbo family are seen as meaning wholesomeness as well as faithfulness. More passionately colored red, purple, and blue Lotus flower, blooms usually takes on a spiritual meaning of ascension, enlightenment, or renewal.

Nothing is more religious than the lotus, it experiences immaculate conception every single day.

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